Girls On Tour

girls On Tour

Finding Matt at Kintripper was like finding GOLD!!

We located Matt and his company a year before we planned to set off on our 50th Birthday – Best Friends Adventure”. From the outset, Matt was very friendly and accommodating. The layout of the campervan was ideal for us, as it felt spacious. It had a French-style bed and sizeable kitchen, with a shower and toilet tucked away in the far corner, accessible via a small door. The wardrobe and larder were sufficient in size and the storage area under the bed was accessible from outside, we nicknamed this ‘the garage’!

The motorhome was very clean and modern. We were happy with the motorhome, the very competitive costs of hiring it, and had faith in Matt – that he was reliable and good to his word. To secure this, we paid a small deposit and the additional monies were required just one month prior to travel. 

After months of waiting, the day finally came! Our families took us to collect our motorhome from Kintripper, it was sparkling clean and Matt had recently serviced it. 

We enjoyed unpacking and getting our little home ready for the next 24 days.


Kintripper Girls on Tour - Kintripper Motorhome Hire Plymouth


We drove to the ferry port just ten minutes away from Kintripper HQ, and got into the queue for the ferry. We did panic a bit when we had teething problems with locking the side door – a bit heavy handed on our part! – but Matt went the extra mile and came to our assistance to show us how to lock the door properly. 

We had a great crossing, managed to get some sleep and by 7am we were on our way, driving through France. We took to left hand driving easily and the country roads didn’t put us under any pressure.

We loved stopping for cups of tea – all on hand in our motorhome!  We finally arrived at Ile de Re and parked up and went for a stroll on the beach, came back and cooked tea and ate outside with the Kintripper table and chairs, complete with our table cloth – how civilised!!

ST Emillion, Carcassonne, BEES…

The bed was very comfortable and we slept well. The following day we travelled to St Emillion in the vineyard countryside, it was absolutely stunning and the wine was pretty good as well!!

The different views we saw from the motorhome were quite amazing and definitely the best way to enjoy the scenery. 

Then, we went on to Carcassonne. Some 5 hours and many coffee stops later, we arrived at our campsite. They were battling an infestation of biting bees, so we didn’t hang around and access was restricted and instead, we went off to discover the old town and castle.  Thankfully, when we came back when there was no longer a problem.

Kintripper Girls on Tour - Kintripper Motorhome Hire Plymouth
Kintripper Girls on Tour - Kintripper Motorhome Hire Plymouth


The following day we drove to Port Grimaud via the beautiful mountains of Estrelle, again we stopped for a cuppa and marvelled at the scenery – even while doing the washing up! We set up home at Port Grimaud and used our bikes to cycle to St Tropez, then spent several days resting up there. We enjoyed cooking our evening meals on the hob, buying local fresh food produce and particularly liked drinking the wine! We found this a very cost-effective way of holidaying. 

We then travelled to Antibes, took the motorhome to Nice to do some sightseeing and then travelled to Eze, up in the mountains.

An unforgettable journey

We spent some time in the South of France and travelled back via Italy, Austria, Switzerland and finally Germany. It was an unforgettable journey, with the scenery from the beautiful and spectacular mountains of Austria, to the stunning black forests and lakes in Germany never failing to amaze us. Throughout our road trip, our Kintripper motorhome was our sanctuary!


Kintripper Girls on Tour - Kintripper Motorhome Hire Plymouth
Kintripper Girls on Tour - Kintripper Motorhome Hire Plymouth

We would recommend Matt and his fleet of motorhomes to anyone considering a motorhome holiday and we loved every minute of this fantastic trip!! 

Big thank you to Matt, love Lesley & Mel

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